Monday, May 2, 2011

The Battle against Bin Laden

A single person fighting against the strongest army in the world lost after 11 years. What is there to celebrate?

Bin Laden died and yet we lost. We lost hundreds of lives and billions of dollars. Our economy is as close to collapse as it has ever been, and our position in the world will never be restored. Worst of all, by exposing how vulnerable we really are and how a single person can take on an entire nation, Bin Laden open a Pandora box that will not be shut again.

We must recognize that we did not destroy the extreme Islam who sees as as the devil, but merely one of it martyrs. And martyrs there are many. Only if we acknowledge that it's not the war that we won will we have a chance to avoid the next battle.

A single person took on an entire world and nearly won. What is there to celebrate?

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