Sunday, October 3, 2010

The solution for hard work

"If you are tired after working irregular hours, go to your Dr. You may be suffering from a shift-work syndrome."
This was an ad I heard on the radio, and I immediately went to the clinic and said: “Doctor I really feel tired. Do you have something for long working hours?”

The kind doctor, scribbled a prescription, and after a hefty co-pay bill, I am now the proud owner of green and yellow pills, that their cheaper version, bought on the street corner, would have put me in jail.

In a country that prescription drugs cost 100 times more than in any other country, can pharmaceutical companies afford not to creatively invent new diseases?

In a country where people spend the most on medical insurance, and yet, pay more for treatments than in countries without insurance, can insurance companies afford not to make us worry about health , and then sell us insurance for drugs against worrying?

In a country that does not believe that health is basic human rights, and yet spends the most per person on public medicine, our children’s lives are predicted to be shorter than ours. This is the first time it happens since the industrial revolution.

In a country that money is everything, can we stop buying health, and start living healthy life, that can achieved so cheaply.

But this is not good for the companies. And whatever is not good for companies is not good for us, and will not happen. Not in our America 2010.


yun yi said...

i stopped visiting doctors long time ago and i believe putting my health problems on my own hands is the only right thing to do - it is all about a healthy life style.

ranfuchs said...

a few doctors are really good, and you should find them and stay with them. They are mainly the old fashioned one. But when an entire generation of Dr is owned by the insurance company, their personal beliefs become irrelevant.