Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The rebirth of NY subway

Today, nine month after the London Underground exuded the CEO of their failed underground to plant the seed in NY, drastic changes were born, and the subway services that were known to be not-so-good, were officially reborn horrible.

At last, NY subway realized that regardless of the quality of service or lack of it, passengers have no choice or say – just like in London.  What are passengers going to do, walk?

So now that MTA has declared a deliberate deterioration of services, we can only ask why did wait so long? Didn’t we know that reducing the quality of a monopoly increases profit? Couldn’t we have come up with it ourselves? After all, unlike old style companies that were responsible for multitude of stakeholders – employees, debt holders, the community – it was America that reinvented the modern company as an entity responsible for its shareholders alone.  So why did we need to import our own ideas from the socialist continent?  

By the way, I hope that the drastic service change was not a surprise to anyone, as the writing was on the wall.


banana_the_poet/Michele Brenton said...

Hi Ran,

found you again on your new blog. Took a while :)

Melody J Haislip said...

Well, are you surprised? We've done so well with that other company. What's it called? British Pe something. Oh, I know, British Petroleum. How could I forget? After all, why should the colonies have it any easier than the Olde Country?

ranfuchs said...

Well, maybe it is that America has little choice any more, and little to offer outside business processes, and buying talents and ideas?