Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nice words for bad trains

In a previous post: I indicated that having lived in London for years, I find the NY subway – despite all it’s problem – superior to the London underground.

That said, there is one thing more efficient in the London system – the announcements. For instance, while in NY they’ll announce: Ladies and gent. As you exit please mind the gap between the platform and the train. The British will simply call: Mind the Gap.

But being more economical with their words is not a good reason to copy their train system, and I am still horrified that the new MTA management feels that "New Yorkers should be able to expect the same type of customer experience riders enjoy in London.”

So lets the English keep their nice ways with words, and find someone who knows how to run trains to copy train systems. Japan may be just the place to learn from.

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