Thursday, November 10, 2016

Don't Blame Trump -- Not Yet

The world has not changed -- not yet at least.

It is still the same world, the same hatred for minorities and for the different, the same terrorism, the same corporate greed above everything. The only thing that changed -- so far -- is that reality, the one that was hidden for so long by political correctness, is now hitting people in the face, and we are forced to wake up - at least for a short time. Maybe even to take action.

When people take action, the congress will have to listen -- they have not for too long. When people take action, corporate too will have to listen and change their policies. After all, we do not have to consume as if they were sheep. If people take action, the media will have to listen, nowadays we do have alternatives.

A wake up call is always painful, but can be the best thing that happened to people, if they are willing to listen.

I am afraid though, that it will be months if not weeks, before everyone goes back to whining in their sleep. And this will not be the fault of any president

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