Saturday, February 11, 2012

CPI adjustment

What Bernanke said: “Over a period of time, we want to move inflation always back toward 2 percent,”

What Bernanke thought: “... and we’ll keep changing the way we calculate inflation to guarantee that the numbers always meet this objective.”

... and in Haiku form:
C.P.I is made
To be what I say it is
Bernanke Dumpty


PSACHNO said...

VERY clever post. BTW, congrats on your new blogs!

Yun Yi said...

ranfuch, i captured your post "And they still truly believe that Israel is the devil". i almost got heart attack! who were burying whom? the soldiers look like israeli.

ranfuchs said...

No Yun Yi,

Its Syrians burying Syrians.

Yun Yi said...

barbarianism! so hard to believe it's true! on 21 century!

ranfuchs said...

@yun Yi, actually the 21st century has started with an act f barbarism, and barbarism was part of the entire first decade. No reason to think it will be an enlightened century