Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

Another opportunity for the Internet to become the tool for significant social change has bite the dust, as Twitter announced on Thursday that it will begin deleting users' tweets in countries that require it.

Capitalism – disinterested in social order, tyranny or justice – has won another dollar. Let us keep the social excuses for intervening in countries internal affairs, only to those who don't pay us.

The Arab Spring will be remember as blip in the history of twitter as a company that could change important things, now they are back to changing our consumer behavior, telling us which porn is the best.

Well done twitter. I am logging off.

And the same for the Haiku challenge:

Twitter removes twits
If the state asks. Who is state?
What about freedom?


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PSACHNO said...

You didn't leave a response for the "computer message" comment? ;0)

I didn't know twitter was being reined in. I hate those guys :0(