Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Wheel of Karma

In current US, poverty is the ultimate sin; only one thing is considered success: money; and human rights is what money can buy.

Oedipus did not escape the Moirae. The Wheel of Karma goes round and round. How did we manage to create here the very thing that the first immigrants to the Americas escaped from?


PSACHNO said...

Excellent observation. It is a tragedy.

ranfuchs said...

Can we consider the unavoidable tragedy? Is death a tragedy?

PSACHNO said...

Yes. Anything that can be, was meant to be, or should be good and is not is a tragedy.

Death: yes and no. It would depend on the reasons and manner of death, I think.

In any case, death is a tragedy because it is not inevitable. We just don't know how to overcome it yet. That is just my personal belief.

ranfuchs said...

is it possible that when we overcome it, then immortality will become the true tragedy?