Monday, March 15, 2010

An American winter question

Heavy rain outside. The streets are flooded, and fallen trees are blocking the road. The rain hits the windows and the walls of the house, and dampness can be seen wherever the seal is damaged. Like every year after the rains, the owner will sure have to spend on repairing water-damaged wood and new painting.

In a country that hail inventions that reduces efforts  or saves money, I simply cannot understand why Americans build houses without overhang to protect from the rain and water damage, like they do in other parts of the world?

House with an overhang 


prettyintelligentprincess said...

It's a beautiful house

yunyi said...

I thought lots of houses have overhang. I live in a 2 floor townhouse it has overhang. not much though.

ranfuchs said...

here in CT they simply don't have them