Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guns don't kill

Amy Bishop, Feb 2010, killed 3 

Michael McLendon, March 2009, killed 11

Jason Rodriguez, November 2009, killed 1 and wounded 5

Jiverly Wong, April 2009, killed 13

Seung-Hui Cho, April 2007, killed 32

This is the list of the famous five who without legal access to guns, would have spared the lives of 50 people. Hundreds of people are killed and thousands are wounded every year by non-criminals. 

Guns don’t kill; those who can access them easily do.


askcherlock said...

The prevalence of guns in this country is frightening. When our Founding Fathers began their quest for rights, surely they could not have envisioned such a violent society as we have become. There is no turning back now as even those who should not carry them, often obtain them easily on the streets of "anytown."

ranfuchs said...

Like any other trend, it starts with best of intentions, but soon the trend gains life of its own, and kills its creator

Anonymous said...

It's true, but I'm not sure making them accessible everywhere is a good thing either. The problem is people have moments of desperation or anger that make them vulnerable to do such horrendous things. If you put a weapon in front of them, they might just pull the trigger. But if no such opportunity exists, there are no guns in society, then they might seek other weapons but the damage is definitely much less.

myundiary said...

I was always taught that weapons do not kill people. People kill people. If you are not legally required to carry a gun, such as police officer or other state/government official, then you should not carry a gun.