Sunday, October 11, 2009

My very first first American Blog

The photo above I call "The opposite of my life", and I feel it introduces me well in my first blog here.

Eleven months a year I work in big cities, talk on the phone, watch computer screens, and do whatever most people around me consider normal. But then, one month a year I do it differently. This photo is of what I don’t do most of the year.

So you know a lot about me already. The rest are merely details.

Every couple of years I happen to move a country. At least, that is what I have been doing for the last 20 years. Two month ago, after years of trying to avoid it, I have found myself in the US. Connecticut to be more precise.

I love it here, but let me tell you, this place – I mean the US – feels like a different planet. Not that I have anything against different planets – as I have never been on one (and old dream, by the way), but there are so many things here that I see and feel that are invisible to those who have lived here for long.

Some of these things are irritating, most are funny, and I want to write about them. So this will be my American blog, and hopefully some of you will like it.

Enough now with my first posting and my self-introduction. Soon I will be here again.


Anonymous said...

You lucky bastard. I f**king hate you, although I love your blog.

ranfuchs said...

thanks for hating me and loving my blog, this is all I ask for